About the Artist

Mark L. Cohen is an award-winning marketing communications executive, graphic designer, teacher, painter and printmaker. His subject matter utilizes contemporary and past iconic figures from politics, popular culture, entertainment and war and peace. He has chosen to paint many of the human “monsters” in contemporary life, including Jared Loughner, James Holmes, Bashar al-Assad and many more. One of these monsters, Amon Goeth, the commandant of the World War ll Nazi Plaszow concentration camp spurred him to create a series of paintings about the Holocaust, Plaszow and three generations of women associated with Goeth. Most of the paintings are large scale works that demand notice. In these works, viewers can investigate issues of antisemitism, genocide and the psychological effects on the women associated with Amon Goeth. Cohen continually adds works to this series. These same issues are seen in the perpetration of other heinous acts that are reported in the media on an all to frequent basis. The artist’s intention is to remind viewers that more than seventy years after the Holocaust, we live in a world of not only continuing antisemitism, but hateful biases that result in genocides and senseless killings around the world. The artist hopes that all of us will do everything possible to end hatred and promote understanding toward all people. Cohen has also created a series of thirty paintings that examine issues raised by the Black Lives Matter movement. During Covid, he painted a series of ten paintings about Covid-19 and mask-wearing. The paintings have been shown in multiple venues during 2020 and 2021. The purpose of the works is to remind all of us about the selfless efforts of doctors, nurses and allied healthcare professionals who risk their lives daily to care for us.

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